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Zn(II) based colorimetric sensor for ATP and its use as a viable staining agent in pure aqueous media of pH 7.2. (публикация автора на scipeople)   

Prasenjit Mahato, Amrita Ghosh, Sanjiv K. Mishra, Anupama Shrivastav, Sandhya Mishra and Amitava Das - Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 9134-9136 , 2010
Selective colorimetric detection of ATP in physiological conditions by a Zn(II)-based receptor is reported. This reagent was found to be non-toxic to the living cells and could be used for studying the growth of the yeast cells....

Colorimetric sensor for Tri-Phosphates and their application as a viable staining agent for Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes (публикация автора на scipeople)     

Amrita Ghosh, Anupama Shrivastav, D. Amilan Jose, Sanjiv K. Mishra, Chandrakanth. C. K., Sandhya Mishra* and Amitava Das* - Analytical Chemistry , 2009
The chromogenic complex 1· Zn (where 1 is (E)-4-(4- dimethylamino-phenylazo)-N,N-bispyridin-2-ylmethyl-benzenesulfonamide) showed high affinity toward the phosphate ion in tetrabutylammonium phosphate in acetonitrile solution and could preferentially bind to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in aque...