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Zn(II)-Cyclam Based Chromogenic Sensors for Recognition of ATP in Aqueous Solution Under Physiological Conditions and Their Application as Viable Staining Agents for Microorganism. (публикация автора на scipeople)     

15. P. Mahato, A. Ghosh, Sanjiv K. Mishra, A. Shrivastav, S. Mishra, A. Das - Inorganic Chemistry , 2011
Two chromogenic complexes, L.Zn (where L is (E)-4-((4-(1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecan-1-ylsulfonyl)phenyl)diazenyl)-N,N-dimethylaniline) and its [2]pseudorotaxane form (α-CD.L.Zn), were found to bind preferentially to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), among all other common anions and biologically imp...

Colorimetric Sensor for ATP in Aqueous Solution (публикация автора на scipeople)     

D. Amilan Jose, Sandhya Mishra, Amrita Ghosh, Anupama Shrivastav, Sanjiv K. Mishra, & Amitava Das - Organic letters , 2007
A new chromogenic complex 1âZn has been synthesized, and its interactions with different biologically important phosphates have been investigated in aqueous solution (pH  7.2). A visual color change can be detected on binding of ATP to 1âZn, whereas no such change is observed when other biologica...