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Effect of hypoxia on neural induction in colonies of human parthenogenetic stem cells (публикация автора на scipeople)     

T.V. Abramihina, D.A. Isaev, R.A. Semechkin - Cell Technologies in Biology and Medicine , 2012
We studied neural induction and generation of neuroectoderm in the colonies of human parthenogenetic SC cultured in the presence of 5 and 19±2% oxygen. We found that neuroectoderm was more actively generated at high oxygen content. At the same time, the transcription of stem cell pluripotency genes ...

Activin A Suppresses Induced Formation of Neuroectoderm in Colonies of Parthenogenetic Stem Cells In Vitro (публикация автора на scipeople)     

R. A. Semechkin, T. V. Abramihina and D. A. Isaev - Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine , 2011
We studied the effect of recombinant human activin A on induced neuroectoderm formation in colonies of human parthenogenetic SC in the absence of feeder cells. It was found that pretreatment of human parthenogenetic SC with activin A suppressed subsequent neural induction. Activin A in a concentrati...

In vitro differentiation of human parthenogenetic stem cells into neural lineages (публикация автора на scipeople)      

Isaev DA, Garitaonandia I, Abramihina TV, Zogovic-Kapsalis T, West RA, Semechkin AY, Müller AM, Semechkin RA. - Regenerative Medicine , 2012
Human parthenogenetic stem cells are derived from the inner cell mass of blastocysts obtained from unfertilized oocytes that have been stimulated to develop without any participation of male gamete. As parthenogenesis does not involve the destruction of a viable human embryo, the derivation and use ...