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Rating system — innovative method of evaluation of students academic and practical preparation (публикация автора на scipeople)     

Chernenkov Yu.V., Gumenyuk 0.I. - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2014
The rating evaluation is a type of quantitative and qualitative monitoring of students' academic and practical activities. In this article the authors demonstrate the experience of the use of rating system in the assessment of academic and...

Innovations in Medical Education: Results and Prospects (публикация автора на scipeople)     

Protopopov A.A., Averyanov А.P., Dorogoykin D.L., Suyetenkov D.Ye., Kloktunova N.A. - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2013
The aim of the article is to assess the situation with the introduction of innovative forms of education into medical higher schools. The levels of introduction and techniques of modernization of medical education have been presented. Having a...

Medical Education: Back to the Future (публикация автора на scipeople)   

Thomas Alexander - THE HEALTH AGENDA , 2013
As you read this editorial, I can almost hear you asking – yet another medical journal – pray why? We have medical journals of all hues – catering to all segments of medical professionals – from the rookie to the expert and from the...

Evolution of Professional Training Forms in Medical Institution of Higher Education (публикация автора на scipeople)     

Lebedeva M.N. - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2012

Training methodology of medical students has been a subject for profound reforms during the recent years. Revolutionary technological progress is one of the reasons for this process; another reason is a constant search for the most efficient...


Contribution of Physico-medical society to development of medical education and health care in Saratov region (to the 150th anniversary) (публикация автора на scipeople)     

Popkov V.M., Zavyalov A.I., Lutsevich I.N., Myasnikova I.V., Raikova S.V. - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010
The article presents data of history of organization, scientific and practical function of the Physico-medical society and its contribution to the development of medical education and health care in the Saratov region in the second half of the...

Modular-rating educational technologies at profile chair of medical university: abilities and perspectives in the frame of bologna process general principles (публикация автора на scipeople)     

A.A. Svistunov, Yu.M. Spivakovsky, A.S. Eyberman, Yu.V. Chernenkov, A.A.Protopopov, E.N. Shulgina - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2008
Russia’s joint to "Bologna process" sets definition of main points in innovative and integrative processes as an object for academic community. The aim of all applied innovations is to improve education quality and deep integration to European...

Clinical psychology – actual direction in grounding of health manpower (публикация автора на scipeople)     

P.V. Glybochko, A.A. Svistunov, V.F. Kirichuk, A.I. Kodochigova, E.S. Olenсo, M.G. Kucherov, E.A. Krovaykova - Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2007
In 90-ies years of last century in our country happened the crash of the system of values with transition to the standards of capitalistic society, and it lead to the formation of chronicle psychosocial stress of high and medium levels. Medics of...